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Honors 401: Exploring Personal Leadership Through Social Change

Start Date  August 22, 2017 - December 5, 2017

In the Fall of 2017, I took my first Honors seminar course. In this class, students were tasked with reading several books and passages, listening to many lectures and discussions, and performing a service learning project with a local social change organization. I had the opportunity to do my service learning with Leisure Education for Exceptional People (LEEP), a United Way organization in Mankato that works to provide recreational activities and education for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Mankato Community. Attached below are several reflections on course material and on my service learning. Also attached are the projects we performed in the course including our "Change Project" in which we researched our social change organization and their issue that they are trying to tackle, we then proposed our vision for change for this issue in a research paper and in a presentation. 

Reflection on My Leadership Experiences During My Sophomore Year

Below, I have written a reflection about my leadership experiences that I was able to have during my sophomore year. Through my various leadership roles, I learned about how to lead others and how I can make myself better as a leader. 

Maverick Greeks Awards

In April of 2017, I was recognized by Minnesota State University, Mankato Fraternity and Sorority Life, also known as "Maverick Greeks", for my contributions to the community. I was awarded the "Outstanding New Member" award and scholarship for contributions to the Greek and campus community in my first year of membership. I was also awarded the John and Kristy Buck Leadership Scholarship for my leadership contributions to my chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. It was an amazing honor to be given these awards. I plan to use these awards and scholarships to further my education and broaden my opportunities for more leadership roles in the future. 

How Being an Honors Program Orientation Leader Has Improved My Mentorship Abilities

Attached is a reflection on my experience as an Orientation Leader at the Honors Program Orientation in the Fall of 2016. This experience allowed me to practice working in a team, refine my mentorship abilities, and have a ton of fun!

How Greek Life Helped Me Live Up to My Mission Statement

In the Spring of 2016 I joined a social Greek letter organization because I felt as if I was not "maximizing my experience at Minnesota State University, Mankato" as my mission statement. This reflection documents the reasoning that went into my decision to go Greek and how that decision has helped me live up to my mission statement. 

Joining Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society

In the Spring of 2016, I joined Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honors Society as an Associate Member. This honors society provides opportunities for community service and outreach focused related to biological fields. This organization will allow me to be a leader in the biology department by pushing me to achieve the best grades I can in biology classes and classes related to my major and also driving me to be involved with biology outside of my academic career. 

Critical Incident Journal - Leadership


Joined Mankato Ski and Snowboard Club.



Joining Mankato Ski and Snowboard Club was an easy decision for me because I love to ski. But, what I did not realize when I joined was just how important the club would be to me. Since the majority of the clubs and activities I do on campus are academically focused, it has been great to have a club purely for fun. Being around this club has helped me learn what leadership skills it takes to run a successful social club on campus and how important it is to maintain your hobbies and to find people that share similar interests. I am one of the most involved underclassmen in the club and the current officers have recommended me to run for an officer position in the next elections. I plan to do this in order to further my leadership competency. 

Leadership Essay - Honors First Year Experience with Ginny Walters

In my Honors First Year Experience course during my first semester at Minnesota State University Mankato we explored many different aspects of what leadership is and its importance in our lives. This experience in the course was very valuable, especially in my first semester. I was able to better understand my leadership abilities, the leadership tendencies of others, and how to improve my leadership in the future. If I plan to lead, follow, and work with my peers in the most effective way, the information learned in this course is incredibly important. I plan to use this knowledge to make myself a more effective leader in my time at Minnesota State University Mankato.

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